You’re welcome to partner with .auCheck

Even though .auCheck was initiated by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in collaboration with auDA, we’re interested in welcoming more partners from the Australian internet community to join the initiative.

We believe a multi-stakeholder approach and the strength of public-private cooperation are essential to improve the safety and security of the internet in Australia.

It requires the technical innovation from our IT professionals, the public policy expertise from governments and thinktanks, and the commercial focus from internet service providers, telcos and businesses.

Only together we make Australia a safe and secure place to connect!

What are options to partner with .auCheck?

There are various ways to partner with .auCheck and support this initiative.

Promote, advocate and teach

You can help us promote .auCheck and advocate in your communities for the adoption of up-to-date intern standards. You can assist in using .auCheck to teach and raise awareness with small Australian businesses or at schools.

Develop additional tests and functionalities

Are you a software developer and interested in extending and improving .auCheck’s suite of tests? We’re happy to work together and discuss how we can integrate better and more tests.

Review and help answer questions

We’re happy for you to join us in reviewing .auCheck, help answering questions from users and offer advice where possible. We’re particularly looking for individuals who can help us ensure advice and recommendations are practical, actionable and understandable for Australian small businesses and people with little technical IT knowledge.

Financial or in-kind contributions

Of course, we’re open to receiving financial or in-kind support that we could use to fund our staffing resources and website operations; develop additional tools and functionalities and/or support our outreach, training and awareness-raising activities.