About auCheck

What is auCheck?

.auCheck provides a series of tests that should help you check whether your internet security is up to date. Do your website, email and internet connection use the latest and secure internet standards? And if they don't, what can you do about it?

.auCheck is an initiative of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in cooperation with auDA with support from stakeholders in the Australian internet community. Our tests and advices are informed by guidelines from the Australian Cyber Security Centre and other international best practices.

.auCheck is a non-commercial, independent and free service. Our mission is to empower users, in particular small businesses, to ask the right questions and request the right level of security services from their providers.

Why is it important to be up to date?

Threats develop constantly as criminal advance their techniques and new vulnerabilities are discovered. Therefore, mitigation measures are continuously developed and updated.

Using internet security standards will not protect you from every threat, but it does provide a basic layer of protection for the most common and basic cybersecurity incidents.

Taking basic security measures, by adopting the standards advocated by .auCheck, at scale makes the Australian internet a more secure place to connect online and do businesses online.

Is Australia leading in adopting secure internet standards?

Unfortunately not. While various organisations and community initiatives try to convince people to be more proactive, this has proven to be a hard sell.

This may come as a surprise, but in a modern country like Australia we still use many standards that are outdated (and therefore insecure) and lack reliability.

So help us to improve the secuirty of the internet together, and request the use of up-to-date internet security standards from your providers.

Who is behind .auCheck?

.auCheck is managed by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in cooperation with auDA.

ASPI is an independent, non-partisan think tank that produces expert and timely advice for Australia’s strategic and defence leaders. auDA is the organisation administering the .au domain.

The idea for .auCheck is based on the work of Internet.nl and the internet infrastructure initiative of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise.

.auCheck also found inspiration from the WebCheck application of the UK National Cyber Security Centre.